Issuer Services

The Europe Emerging Companies Market (EUECM) adjusted its entitled to act in the Central Depository and Central Registry of Securities (CSCR), and the Registries of Non-Listed companies.

Therefore, Non-Listed Companies can submit their registries to the EUECM for further processing.

This new service offers Issuers a modern, efficient, and secure electronic service. This is a major advantage for Law Firms and companies which offer secretarial services.

The CDCR provides a wide range of services to the Issuers of the EUECM. For example, corporate actions, issue of the registry, actions related to rights issues, bonus issue conversion of nominal value, split of shares, and much more.

For corporate actions that have an impact only on a certain percentage of securities and not on the share capital of an issuer,  the EUECM distributes an electronic file to the issuers to perform any operations necessary. This includes, for example, the exercise of rights, the exercise of warrants, reinvestment of dividends, and more.

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