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Europe Emerging Companies Market (EUECM) located at 23 Lakeswood Boad, recognizes the
importance of protecting the personal data of visitors and users of this Website (hereinafter
called“Website” ), but also other categories of EUECM users in general, such as investors, issuers,
applicants, affiliates, customers, suppliers, employees, etc. Please read carefully how the
information collected by Europe Emerging Companies Market is used, as well as from the EUECM

Acceptance of Terms

By using Europe Emerging Companies Market Website, it is presumed that you accept and
consent to the collection and processing of your personal data in the manner specified below. If
you do not agree with Europe Emerging Companies Market Privacy Policy, please abstain from
using the Website.

Non-personal Data

When you visit or use the Website for the first time, some information known as cookies
(identification files) may be placed on the user’s (user: investor, issuer, applicant, affiliate,
customer, vendor, employee, etc.) computer. These cookies are sent automatically from the user’
s computer to Europe Emerging Companies Market Website each time the user chooses to revisit
the Website and provide information on how and when a user visited this Website, allowing at
the same time Europe Emerging Companies Market to check how many users in total have visited
the Website. Cookie technology collects information aggregated and does not collect personal
information, which enables identification of specific persons.
The purpose of collecting this information is to improve the quality of the Website.

Personal Data

Europe Emerging Companies Market informs users that it does not collect personal data unless
users provide them voluntarily, such as giving personal information when registering to forms on
the website and/or later when submitting requests. Any collection and processing of personal
data will be conducted fairly and lawfully pursuant to European Regulation 2016/679 (General
Data Protection Regulation), the Laws, Regulations and Decisions of the Personal Data Protection
Commissioner. Europe Emerging Companies Market expressly declares that any collection and
processing of personal data shall take place with the aim of improving the services provided to
Website users, as well as establishing their needs, wishes and expectations and shall not extend
beyond what is necessary for that purpose. As well, these personal data will be deleted as soon
as the purpose for which they are collected is completed. Europe Emerging Companies Market
declares that it shall not transmit or disclose personal data to third parties unless required by Law
and/or the competent Authorities.

Links to other Websites

Europe Emerging Companies Market makes every effort to ensure that links contained on its
Website refer to useful websites that comply with the high quality standards and requirements of
the EUECM. However, as websites can be modified at high speed, the EUECM does not guarantee
the level and quality of any website referred to via links, neither assumes any responsibility for
the content of the websites not belonging to it and/or the conditions of collection and processing
of personal data applicable thereto.


Europe Emerging Companies Market Website does not collect information specifically addressing


Any amendment to this Privacy Policy shall be displayed on this Website.


The information on this Website is provided in good faith. The employees of Europe Emerging
Companies Market have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information. However,
neither the Emerging Companies Market nor its directors or employees guarantee the reliability,
accuracy or completeness of the information and assumes no responsibility for any errors or
omissions in the information (including negligence). Information on the website is not and should
not be considered as investment advice. Every investment decision requires professional
investment advice tailored to the circumstances and needs at the time. Europe Emerging
Companies Market should not be considered as providing advice on Emerging Companies Market
securities or other financial products.

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